Skin Care

At JassieBBeauty we practice the study of Ayurvedic rituals with our treatments and aim to bring the mind,body and spirit in to balance. We believe that balance is what keeps us strong and focused through out our daily lives. 

In our services we use products that are environmentally friendly, vegan, paraben and cruelty free. Also Enriched with vitamins and infused with plant based oils. The products we have chosen do not disturb or disrupt the natural chemistry of our bodies but only aids in growth and overall health. As our mission is to Relieve, Revive and Relax our clients.

Thremotherapy Detox Facial-Detoxification of pores

Hydrating Facial - Introduces hydrating products to dehydrated skin. 

Acne Relief Facial -soothing and pore cleansing products used to remove and protect against acne.

Ageless Facial - Products used to promote new cell growth. 

Peels - Chemical used to remove layers of skin, to reveal beautiful glowing skin.

Exfoliation facial - Manual or chemical removes top skin layer for smooth healthy looking glow.

Sensitive skin Facial - Products and techniques used to heal and sooth sensitive skin.



Alginate Mask

AHA Treatment 

Retinol Treatment 

Salicylic Treatment 

Vitamins C Treatment 

Lactic Treatment 

Peptide Treatment 

Wellness & Body treatments

Stress relief treatment 60 

Stress relief treatment 90 

Soothing Leg Treatment 


30 minutes Wellness treatment