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Hair extensions

I tip hair extensions are extensions applied to the natural hair using metal rings lined with silicone. The silicone rings hold the extensions in place and allow the look and feel of free flowing hair. This method of extension application last for 3 months before maintenance is required.  You can add length, volume  and color to your natural hair.

Pricing starts at $150. 

The required for this weaving method is raw virgin human hair that best fits your hair texture when your hair is wet. The hair is called i-tip. 

A maximum of 3 hours to complete a full install including shampoo+condition.

Hair Treatment

Hair Care

In our services we use techniques and products that are safe,environmentally friendly, vegan, paraben and cruelty free. Also Enriched with vitamins and infused with natural and plant based oils. The products we have chosen do not disturb or disrupt the natural chemistry of your hair and only aids in growth and overall health. 

I-Tip Hair extensions.

I-Tip Q&A

Q & A 

Is my hair type right for I-tip extensions? 

A consultation will determine what is best for your hair type. 

How long does i-tip extensions last?

The extensions will last for 3 months. 

What type of hair extensions should I get? 

I-Tip human hair. 

Does I-tip extensions damage your hair? 

No, if properly installed. 

How much hair should I get? 

3-4 bundles. 

Where do I purchase the hair extensions from? https://www.onychair.com

How keep my extensions up?

Maintain bi-weekly or monthly

appointments with your stylist. 

How much does i-tip extensions cost? 

Prices varies depending on length, volume and texture